Extra Large Medium

S. R.
Huntington Beach, CA
I personally think your style is unique and a refreshing...I'm so tired of watching mediums that all sound alike and seem to be following a formula. We need more mediums like YOU out there working.
S. O.
Long Beach, CA
You always remind me there is hope and thousands of possibilities in this world for me to enjoy. Thank you for that.
J. A.
San Francisco, California
It's always so refreshing after sitting down with you for a reading. You are amazing at what you do and I always feel in awe after meeting with you. Aside from being a medium and the advice you give in that sense, you also give great advice / lessons / realizations from your own personal experiences. I appreciate the combo very much.
T. M.
Decatur, Illinois
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me gain closure on my father's passing. What you have is truly a gift and blessing. I want you to understand how much it meant for me to know that his Spirit still lives on even after this life. Yes, he was a character and obviously still is! LOL! So, again, thank you SO much. It will be much easier for me to continue moving forward in my life knowing his death was not intentional and that he is watching over me.
K. H.
Kearneysville, West Virginia
You are such a warm person and please pass on to your peeps a huge thank you too! Words fall very short as to how much you are appreciated and your sincerity is cherished far more than you will know! I am blessed to have you and those who guide you and help you - to help me! From my heart - thank you!
J. B.
Long Beach, California
I just saw Charles for the first time and he is definitely a talented medium. He was highly recommended by a friend and now I know why. I had questions that were on my mind for weeks, and he was able to answer them within seconds. His style made me comfortable and provided reassurance with exploring other questions as well. I not only got information but validation and guidance.
J. P.
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
I was quite the non-believer in mediums and psychics until Charles gave me a reading over the phone. It was like talking with my friend who passed away in January face-to-face. He told me things only she would know. There was no way he could have gotten the information he gave me unless she told him herself. Well, um...I believe now!
S. P.
San Francisco, California
I have had many readings, but I would just like to say that yours was one of the best. Without any cues from me, you immediately tuned into what was most important to me, with much accuracy. I also enjoyed your workshop presentation. Thanks for a great reading.
F. V.
Monessen, Pennsylvania
Thank you for making my Christmas Eve something that I'll remember always. Bizarrely, in my first Christmas away from my family, it was so wonderful to spend a little while reflecting on the things that made my Father such a wonderful person. You gave me something I really needed knowingly or not.
W. S.
Huntington Beach, California
You were awesome, my dear man! We had the greatest evening with you! You delivered, as I knew you would, and we were absolutely blown away! You have a new pair of very devoted followers; believe me, and all of my heartfelt gratitude! One of these days, when you have several hours, I'll tell you how exactly right on you were! Suffice to say, we were both in shock, and I hope we made some sense. Bless you, dear man! Our sincere thanks!
R. F.
Glen Head, New York
Thank you for making me feel a little more comfort in knowing my daddy's OK. Your gift became a gift for me.
J. W.
Eugene, Oregon
You were way beyond my expectations, Charles, to the point that I was rather stunned and for some time afterwards! I expected something very general, but received, instead, a very detailed accounting of everything that had been important to my relationship with my now deceased mother, from both her perspective and mine. The humor and the "not taking it all too seriously" attitude on your part, I believe, lends a lot to those psychic doors opening more quickly and then the truly superb results that follow! That's about all I can say about the experience - it was truly superb, your capacities, overall feeling of advocacy and helpfulness. I would recommend you as a psychic to anyone at any time, and most especially for those looking to make some kind of contact with people who have passed - because your demeanor is so helpful to persons in grieved states. And then your capacities are really like a big, consoling "hug" from the Astral itself, in how much one receives such a great feeling of assurance about one's loved one.
R. C.
Corona, California
Thanks so much for the wonderful reading you did for me. I was amazed at your accurate description of my grandmother. There is no way you could have known those things! It was very comforting to know that she could send a much needed message to me through you. It can be very heartwarming to know that your loved ones are watching over you.
A. F.
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Thank you, Charles, for a wonderful - and very fun - reading! I've been so anxious to hear from my grandmother since she passed and having her come through to you today was such a blessing for me. Everything she communicated was such perfect validation for me.
D. S.
Portland, Oregon
I, myself cannot tell you how speaking to you has made me better. My friends want to talk to you because of the difference they have seen in me... how rewarding your work must be.
Y. S.
Orange County, California
I cannot thank you enough for your reading! You opened up many trains of thought, and helped me unlock my heart. My dad passed 23 years ago, and this was my first chance of contacting him. So much has happened in my life over the last 10 years, and very often I felt terribly alone, also in much pain. I know now that I will never be alone again.
N. D.
Ewing, New Jersey
My phone reading with Chaz was amazing, and unlike others I've had in that Spirit seems to utilize common household objects in Chaz's home -- books, statues, even doors -- as symbols. The accuracy of the reading was amazing, and it confirmed much that I had gotten on my own recently (but tended to doubt -- you know how that goes). Chaz's personality and sense of humor add to the experience. Gone are the days of grave turbaned women with crystal balls and names like 'Madame Olga'...
F. S.
Wallasey, Cheshire, England
The reading with Chaz was concise, hitting the mark on most points, and very supportive, remembering also that I live in England and this reading was performed through Yahoo messenger across thousands of miles. I think Chaz is an amazing talent and uses his expertise well. I am hoping to see him on television over here in England, where there are few good psychic mediums and a public need for excellent ones. I encourage everybody if possible, to have a reading with this man.
M. P.
Forked River, New Jersey
After several months of trying to get pregnant with my second child I called Charles. He gave me a wonderful reading, including a message or two from my maternal adoptive grandparents. That message was special for me, and Charles had information about both of them that he could not have known unless he was getting it directly from them. When I asked whether I would ever have another baby, Charles listened to his guides and came back with a "Yes". Charles told me he was being shown that I would have a boy. Considering I have a history of difficulty conceiving, I was skeptical. It was a few months later that I was able to call Charles with the good news: I was pregnant! Nearly a year after he first told me that my second child would be a boy, ultrasound confirmed what Charles already knew. Charles also told me my son would be arriving in connection with the number 9. My son Connor was delivered in September, just like Charles said he would be. Charles has an amazing talent to connect with the world beyond that which we can see. He has made an incredible impact in my life.
E. D.
Orange, California
I have been grieving over a very dear friend who died recently. I ran across Charles website and scheduled a reading. Wow, I was so impressed with Charles ability to communicate with my friend. During the reading my friend came through very clearly, his personality shone through. Since the reading I have found peace, I still miss my friend but I'm not grieving as I did before. Thank you Charles for being such a clear and perfect channel, you are priceless!
C. K.
Orlando, California
I just wanted to thank you again for making time for us today and bringing us such important messages and help. We love the spirit connection and want to thank you for bringing it to us in such a personal way. You do it with such careful sensitivity and accuracy - we feel truly blessed to be a part of it - as I hope you feel the same way by doing what you do. You are truly gifted and thank you for sharing it with us as well as others!
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