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DAILIES, the newest book by Medium C. A. Filius, is a collection of day-to-day reminders of "what it's all about" from his Spirit Guides. This 405-page channeled volume serves up daily messages of inspiration, encouragement, introspection and, of course, laughter. The voices of his Guides are quite distinctive and diverse. Their channeled words give unique momentary glimpses into their personalities as well as their own heightened perspectives. Filius discovered over time that not all Spirit Guides see everything the same way. They are as much individuals now as energy as they were as physical beings. And, like us, they are still learning. As Filius himself observes, "It's an ongoing process, you know?"

"I've been hearing that I needed to collect and share the insights from Robert and the gang for quite some time. And, for the record, this hounding has come from both sides! Well, I finally caved to peer pressure and this is the result. I pray you enjoy it and, more importantly, that it will make you stop, think, smell a rose or two, and finally embrace the classic "ah-ha" moment that gets us through the times when we foolishly think nothing is happening." – C. A. Filius

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"Charles' humor keeps you engaged from the beginning to end. Charles is a brave soul who is committed to finding out who he is and gutsy to share his journey and experiences with everyone."

Tim Braun,
Spiritual Medium

"The great thing about Charles, in addition to his very real gifts, is the skepticism he himself brings to his work. He holds himself to an incredibly high standard while keeping his ego grounded and, as such, provides mediumship that is sincere in its desire to help."

Robert Tinnell,

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