Extra Large Medium
note from c a filius

I firmly believe that everyone is psychic. The secret is not only recognizing it but tapping into the source as well. I did not realize it; I did not acknowledge it and I certainly did not come close to tapping into it. I ignored it for so long that it finally had to tap into me. It began innocently enough by a 'chance' reading by renowned medium, George Anderson in August 2001. What soon followed was discovering, and cultivating, my own natural abilities as an automatic writer and a channel. This new path directed me to extensive training at The Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies in Port Charlotte, Florida. It was there, under the guided hands of Sandy Anastasi, John Maerz and Ed Hicks, that I truly began to understand and embrace my potential as a psychic medium as well as a spiritual being. I have been blessed to have access to amazing teachers both here in the physical world as well as in the spiritual. With the devoted aide of my Spirit Guides, as well as the loving direction of Donna Sims and Suzie Estridge, my first spiritual teachers, I have reconnected to my natural state as a spiritual being and can once again receive, and better understand, messages from Spirit. I continue to learn from each and every reading that I am privileged to conduct.

I am very visual because I am an artist. Most of the messages I receive are presented to me in a wide assortment of images and flashing pictures that I have to decipher. I will either see things that I am personally able to understand or will see an object or a place subjectively, in my mind's eye, that will be significant to the person I'm reading. My spirit guides often utilize humor in a reading as it gives much-needed balance to sessions that can often be emotionally draining.

The process can best be summed up by Robert, my Master Guide: "It is an effort of three: mind, body and soul; Spirit, medium, and client. One cannot be without the other. Equal participants working as one."

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